Biography and Issues

Biography and Issues

Grayson Haff is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of success.

A native North Carolinian with blue-collar roots, Grayson was born and raised in China Grove, NC. He worked his way through Jesse C. Carson High School, where he started a successful wholesale and sourcing business. After high school graduation, he attended East Carolina University for one year. Grayson excelled academically and created his first apparel company. The following year, he attended UNC-Chapel Hill with hopes of attending business school. Experiencing affirmative action and Marxist indoctrination firsthand motivated him to get involved in conservative politics to Make America Great Again. While in college, he campaigned locally for President Donald Trump and started organizations to promote conservative ideas on a liberal campus. After college, he stayed involved in politics helping to run the grassroots and digital efforts of conservative candidates throughout the country. 

Grayson’s experience in business has made him an expert in international manufacturing, negotiating directly with China, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and other major American trading partners. He has navigated complex international trade regulations to ensure the successful delivery of goods in apparel, medical devices, furniture, consumer products, and other industries. His hands-on, daily experience with international trade has taught him the actions necessary to bring back jobs and industry to North Carolina. It is through these experiences which position Grayson to be an effective voice for the people of North Carolina.  He intends to offer a positive, forward way of thinking which both advances conservative values while ensuring a commitment to representing his constituents.

Real-World Education
High Schools should be focused on teaching life skills through apprenticeship programs. Most people can make more by learning a trade that is in demand instead of going to college and becoming in debt for over $100,000. Our schools should be teaching students the skills necessary to succeed in the real world, not Marxist critical theory. Students should have the options to learn valuable skills such as welding, masonry, electrical work, HVAC, plumbing, etc so when they graduate high school at 18 they are ready to succeed with a skill where they can immediately apply themselves and start earning a living. In addition to trade skills, students should learn the fundamentals of starting and managing a business, filing taxes, and applied mathematics. I will fight to reform the curriculum of our public schools and support private and charter school options to ensure our students get a useful education and are prepared to lead our nation to even greater prosperity.

Support for Small Businesses

Democrats used Covid 19 to impose totalitarian shutdowns on small businesses while allowing large corporations to stay open. I will fight for the interest of small businesses in Raleigh. As a small business owner myself, I will defend my fellow entrepreneurs and family-run businesses on main street and throughout the counties from over-regulation while ensuring they can find staff by opposing continued Covid welfare that encourages people to stay home instead of working for an honest living.

2nd Amendment

I will be a strong defender of the second amendment in Raleigh. I will stand against those in both parties who look to impose Red Flag laws or any restrictions on gun rights. I will fight to introduce Constitutional Carry in North Carolina. 

Vaccines and Covid

I will be a fighter for medical freedom in North Carolina. I will oppose mandatory Coronavirus Vaccines, oppose vaccine passports, oppose requirements for students/citizens to be forced to wear a mask, get a vaccine, or be tracked without their consent

Big Tech

Conservatives are under siege by big tech oligarchs who ban anyone who opposes their worldview. If tech oligarchs want to continually enjoy legal immunity from responsibility for users’ posts they will have to be unbiased and allow speech on their platforms from all viewpoints no matter how much they may disagree with them.

Taxes and Government Spending

I will fight to lower the taxes of small business owners and every working North Carolinian. Our government disparages the American Taxpayer by sending our money to those who don’t want to work. It’s time for those who pay taxes and contribute to our economy and society to have a defender in Raleigh.


Our Southern border is being overrun with illegal border crossings. Every month under Joe Biden’s Presidency we set a new record high for illegal border crossings. Here in North Carolina, I will oppose mass amnesty and mass migration. Mass amnesty devalues the vote of every North Carolinian from all backgrounds. Mass migration is used as a political weapon by the left to try to influence elections and dilute the voice of hard-working Americans. 

God and Family

The nuclear family and Christian values are the bedrock of America’s founding and cultural values for hundreds of years. Currently, our nation, belief, and way of life are under attack. The media and popular culture now seek to vilify those who promote scripture-based Christianity, defend the lives of the unborn and seek to preserve traditional values. During the Covid lockdowns, we saw firsthand the true agenda of the left while they made it illegal to go to Church but legal to go to the liquor store. I will be a fighter for religious freedom, the rights of the unborn, and conservative social values. It is time our country gets back on track morally and spiritually.

Support for Law Enforcement

Our corrupt political establishment vilifies and persecutes men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day to protect law-abiding Americans. Anarchist mobs, criminals, and politicians have teamed up to demonize and defund the police. I will fight to protect and defend law enforcement officers from unfair persecution and attempts to be defunded. It is time we restore law and order in our cities and punish those who commit crimes. In the General Assembly, I will defend our police not defund them and I will fight to make sure the victims of crime get the justice they deserve.

Support for Military and Veterans

Our troops and veterans must be honored and respected for the sacrifice they made to our great country. I will fight to ensure they get the benefits they deserve from the State.